Angie Davies

So you found me huh?
Well I guess I had better give you something, seeing as you are here...

Professional biog: Well I am a trained illustrator, graphic designer and photographer, who started life in a large agency setting and against everyone's advice decided to move into a more client facing role with a much smaller design studio.

Once I had made the move, there was no turning back. The truth was I loved the direct contact with the client and the ability to be able to talk through the resulting creative concepts without having to liaise through an account handler. So it was only a short hop to then set up my own agency, one with no large building or the costs associated with it - where the clients talk direct to the designers and the results are not only quicker, but I believe, better.

Something a little more personal: Yes, I am a chocaholic! Which works particularly well with my passion for fitness (well, maintains a balance anyway!). I love sci-fi, fantasy books and films, I try to spend any holiday I have traveling the world to see spectacular wildlife (preferably in a jungle) and when at home I cook... sometimes even leaving the chocolate out.

Angie Davies, Creative Director – pinkfrog creative