frogdge cake

How to make delicious chocolate frog-dge cake!

No good at baking? Nor are we, which is why we just love this recipe. It really is simple.

1. Pick your poison, that is select the bars of chocolate that you are going to use as a base ingredient: They can be plain, milk, dark or all three, why not go wild and get something with a flavour, like chilli chocolate? Then you need to select any additional ingredients you would like to add. Here are a few of our favourites, just to give you some inspiration: crushed nuts, yoghurt peanuts, crushed shortbread, crushed digestives, raisins, banana coins, dried ginger...yummy!

2. Break the chocolate into pieces and place in a mug.

3. Stand the mug in a pan of simmering water (about 2 inches/50mm deep) and leave until the chocolate is melted. Very important not to get any water in the melting chocolate, otherwise you may have a chocolate mess to deal with!

4. Pick out a bowl that will be used as a mould for your fabulous creation, and pour the melted chocolate into it, along with any additional ingredients.

5. Mix it all up, and make sure that you have more chocolate than additional ingredients, otherwise it won't all stick together. The bonus is that you get to eat what's left over, immediately.

6. Using a spoon, push the mix down into the container (this will help create the shape) and smooth the top as much as possible.

7. Lick the spoon, go on, no-one's watching...

8. Place the finished mixture in the frige, preferably overnight, or until set.

9. Enjoy the adulation of friends and family when you serve up generous slices or possibly just tempting chunks of your chocolate frogdge cake.

10. If you want to be really creative, you can add different types of melted chocolate in separate layers making a stripey cake, or if you want swirls, stir the melted mix as little as possible, and to top it all, you can always add a dusting of icing sugar or cocoa powder for an artistic finish.

11. Wait!! Before you eat it, take a photo on your mobile, we want to see and hear about it, we'll even showcase it here on this page... please?