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Eco boat races

The weather is getting a little nicer now, so pretty soon, with any luck we will all be out and about and enjoying the sunshine. So, if you are anywhere near water and want to spend a few minutes doing something fun (and maybe a little competitive... just a bit), check out these completely eco-friendly and environmentally sound boats, great fun for old and young and a doddle to make.

1. Select a nice big leaf, preferably with no major holes/tears in (this will be your sail).

2. Find a nice small, straight twig (this will be your mast, so make sure it's in proportion to your leaf)

3. get a piece of bark or small piece of wood, or if you are really clever you can make a raft of twigs tied with grass, like the one shown here...

4. Thread the twig through your leaf, in through the bottom and out close to the top.

4. Take your boat body, however you have chosen to construct it, and gently poke the bottom of your mast through or into it. Make sure it's stable – you don't want the sail to fall over!

5. Encourage a friend/child or two, to make their own, then head to the nearest body of water and get racing!!

6. Now play nicely and of course – good luck!

Photos of the craft are much appreciated whether they won or lost. Email them to us here...>