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Did you know that vinegar, humble garden variety malt vinegar, is possibly the most useful household product you will ever need (well apart from lemons – don't let me get started on lemons!).

I recently had a nasty chewing gum experience (not my own gum I hasten to add...) which left a very nasty lump on both my fave jacket, and my car seat!

I tried freezing it (not easy on a car seat), no good. I tried simply washing it, no good. Then, someone suggested vinegar... it was miraculous! All you have to do is heat a small amount in the microwave, or in a pan if you are old school, and sponge/pour it onto the gum. After a few seconds soaking you can literally rub the gum off! It is amazing.

It may not be creative, or a party trick, but it's a mighty useful tip!

Here's a few other things vinegar can be used for (or so I am told):

• Kitchen worktop cleaning (not on porous surfaces)
• Drain cleaner and deodouriser
• Chrome, brass and copper re-vitaliser/polisher
• Kettle descaling
• Stain remover on ceramics and clothes and plastic lunch boxes
• Ant deterrent
• Carpet colour revitaliser
• Window cleaner
• Tomato sauce stain remover
• Adding extra cleaning power to laundry load
• To boost the fluffiness on woolly jumpers etc.
• Insect bite treatment
• Nail varnish enhancer
• Foot odour remover

Pinkfrog cannot be held responsible for any damage caused through applying these techniques. Always research and test before using any of the techniques listed.