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The legendary Zeppelin knot (the name comes from its use to moor airships)

OK, so you need to tie two pieces of rope. string, whatever together and you need it to be secure... here's how...

1. Form a loop at the ends of both the pieces you want to tie together.
2. Lie one loop over the other, ensuring that the loose ends point away from each other.
3. Take the top loop: put the loose end around the back of the loop form the other piece (underneath) and then through the central loop created by both pieces. Don't pull tight yet...
4. Repeat the same process with the bottom loop.
5. Pull on all four parts of the rope/string etc. to fully tighten the knot.
6. To untie quickly, simply pull at the two loose end loops at the same time.

This is a really useful knot! it is 'jam free', easily tied at speed and is as equally speedy to untie even after being heavily loaded for a while.

Trust me, the minute you have perfected this knot (that will be minute 5) you will already have a use for it. For instance, I have already tied my shoes together...